From Darkness to Light- An historic conference

IMA Youth Wing organized a grand Youth Conference at Masjid Al Kabeer to conclude the 3-months campaign on the Quranic theme – Minaz Zulumati Ilan Noor (from Darkness to Light).

Prominent Kuwaiti scholar Sheikh Abdul Hameed Jasim Al-Bilali, President of Bashair Al-Khair Committee, addressed the massive gathering at Masjid Al-Kabeer and set the conference activities in motion which included painting, designing, photography, essay writing competitions and various sports. Kuwaiti dignitaries like Waleed Al-Shuaib, Under-Secretary of department of Mosques, Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs,  Yusuf Al-Shuaib, Manager- Communities, Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Abdullatif Al-Asfoor, Manager –Masjid Al-Kabeer, Abdul Hameed Al-Bilali, Chairman – Jamiya Bashayer Al-Khair, Khalid Bader- Manager, Jamiya Abdullah Al-Noori, Khalid Al-Saba – Manager, Communities department IPC and Shaikh Ahmed Al-Dabbous – Prominent Scholar, graced the dais and individually appreciated the outstanding work of IMA Youth Wing. Several eminent scholars from India namely – Shaikh Jalaluddin Ansar Umri, Ameenul Hasan, Malik Motasim Khan, Abdul Aziz addressed the audience.  Shri Vinod Kumar, First Secretary, Information & Education, Indian Embassy was the guest of honor and lauded the worthwhile efforts of the IMA Youths.

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