IMA Kuwait Beach Cleaning Drive

Indian Muslim Association – Khaitan, Kuwait City and Salmiya units organized a beach-cleaning event on 2nd November 2018 besides Kuwait Tower at 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Although the said event was organized by IMA in commemoration with its completion of 25 years in Kuwait however, IMA strongly believes and periodically instigates such events to inspire and empower communities to clean up and conserve the environment. Beach cleaning event is organized with the intention to make sure the beaches are kept pristine; the endeavor aims to stave off pollution caused by waste that could sully the bay & distort the fish habitat.

The beach cleaning event was organized in cooperation with Kuwait Dive team that provides full support to the event. The event was even attended by the representatives, Mr. Yousef Eissa Al Shuwaib (Head of community section) from Ministry of Awqaf and Mr. Abdullah Al Hudaib representative from Al Islah community Center.

The event commenced with an introductory speech from Mr. Walid Al Shatti from Kuwait Dive Team. He abridged the volunteers on the process of beach cleaning, the kind of precautions needs to be taken and the nature of sewage & wastage to be collected (including bags and cans).

Mr. Al Shuwaib in his introductory lines praised for IMA’s efforts and highlighted the importance of Cleanliness and adherence by all communities in Kuwait to contribute to this Cause to keep Kuwaiti beaches Clean.

The acting IMA president, Br Shamvil Parvez, elaborated the importance of Cleanliness in Islam referencing quranic verses and hadith on Purity. Islam has given so much importance to cleanliness as it is considered a part of faith.

The campaign witnessed the participation of IMA members, their family’s including women and children and well wishers from the community. Almost 200 volunteers participated in the event.

Prior to the actual cleaning work, the basic cleaning material were provided to the volunteers such as hand gloves and big plastic bags.

IMA volunteers took the pleasure in what was set out to do and what they were doing. Within an hour, the garbage bags were filled with sewage and wastages, broken bottles, glass, cigarette butts, sharp metals, paper, remains of foodstuff. At the end the amount

of garbage retrieved from a relatively small portion of the beach, about 500 m long, was astonishing. After the collection of trash in more than 100 bags, many relaxed and enjoyed at Kuwait tower spot. All volunteers were served with tea and refreshments sponsored from Kuwait Flour Mills. A beautiful memento was presented to the representatives from Kuwait Dive team, Ministry of Awqaf and Jamiah Al islah.

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