About IMA

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) is one of the oldest associations in Kuwait strives for promoting Islamic awareness among Indian Muslim expatriates through educational, cultural events and social activities. IMA also promotes goodwill, friendship among Non-Muslims and cultural groups particularly among Indian expatriates.

IMA conducts its various social, cultural, educational and religious activities within the parameters of regulations of Kuwait and in coordination with Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs. IMA is also a registered association with Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

For carrying out our activities smoothly, IMA has formed 6 regional Units in Kuwait City, Salmiya, Abbasiya, Khaitan, Fahaheel and Abu Halifa. IMA has its Youth Wing as well as Ladies Wing to pursue its activities among various segments of Indian Community.

IMA believes in Unity of Mankind and shall contribute for universal brotherhood, peace, tolerance, co-existence and communal amity. To attain this purpose IMA conducts programs and activities such as Get-Togethers, lectures, seminars, workshops, sports activities, educational & cultural picnics etc. Some of the highlights of IMA activities are as follows.


  • Participating & supporting for Educational upliftment and social welfare activities.

  • Providing assistance to the victims of natural and other calamities such as flood, earthquakes, riots etc irrespective of their cast and creed

  • Promoting religious awareness among the Indian Muslim community. For this purpose, weekly Quran & Hadith Classes are arranged in various places around Kuwait.

  • Friday Sermons are also arranged in some of the Masajids in coordination with Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs.

  • IMA also conducts ‘Eid Get together’ where community leaders and Members of various religious and social backgrounds are invited.

  • IMA organizes events like yearly Family Picnic for providing entertainment for the entire family with educational interludes.

  • Promote the comparative study of different religions and build communal harmony.

  • Promote a friendly environment among the different fellow citizens of Indian continent to eradicate the misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.